SuSolid  3D PRINTING for SketchUp
  1. ANALYSE your entire model with 1 click
  2. SOLIDIFY your entire model with few clicks (tools 2-9)
  3. Check your entire model for SOLIDS INTERSECTION
  4. ASSIGN MATERIAL to your Solids (iron ,water,wood...)
  5. WEIGH your entire model

current version 2.2 (April 2014)


Free limited version
(Analyse tool and Delete Single Edges  tool)

Purchase Full version  22 EUR
For Windows and Mac
SketchUp 8,2013,2014 or 2015 required
Free Updates for 1 Sketchup version, 11 EUR Lifetime Updates
SketchUp pro for Intersection tool

The "Flip reversed faces" tool will flip all reversed faces in all SOLID groups and components. The tool is only working on solids.

Sometimes it is not enough to have the solid model for correct 3D printing.Also the faces orientation is important for some model slicing software.

It is possible that you have to use this tool 2 or more times to correct all faces orientation.

If the tool is unsuccessful after few clicks means that is something wrong with the model. In that case it is good to edit the solid,select all with double click and use the intersect with selection from Sketchup menu.Then it is advisable to check and repair the model.